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Quick Installation Steps

1. Download the zip archive of AtomTrack Pro Tracking on your computer.

2. Unpack the zip archive.

3. Upload the entire folder to your hosting space.

4. Inside AtomTrack folder, open and edit confg.php file and specify following parameters -

$host=Specify your web server or host name here. On most VPS or dedicated servers, it is set to localhost. 
$database=Create an empty database for AtomTrack Pro Tracking and specify the name of a database. 
$username=Specify the username that you use to access this database. 
$password=Specify the password that you use to access this database. 

For example:


Please note:- While creating a new database on your hosting account, please make sure that you give full privileges to it. In case of cpanel, you can specify that on 2nd step i.e after you specify database name, select 'All' option on the privileges page.

5. Open the link, in a browser, to install.php which is in root folder. For ex:

6. Choose your admin username and password and click 'Install'.

7. If you see a successful installation message then delete 'install.php'

8. Use login.php link to login to the tracking control panel. For ex:-

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