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Easily rotate different landing pages for CPV,CPC or any kind of CPA campaign. Split testing has also been made easy by providing the offer page rotation feature. Since PPV/CPV can send alot of traffic to your landing page in very less time so it is essential to split test different landing pages and/or offer / thank-you pages. This is very crucial for affiliate marketing as ineffective landing or offer page could reduce or even negate the overall ROI. Using our URL rotator, you can split test different landing pages as well different offer or thank-you pages very easily. We've done much of lab testing for different scenarios and included most of the required features but in case you feel that some important feature is missing then please feel free to request it at our online forum.


  • Ajax enabled so easier to create unlimited rotation profiles within minutes.
  • Add up to 100 URLs in a rotation profile.
  • Define share% for each URL.
  • Rotate landing page URLs
  • Rotate multiple offer or thank-you pages for a single landing page
  • View # of visits for each URL served.
  • View total visits.
  • Edit URLs or share% on fly.
  • Protected by username and password.
  • Self hosted so 100% private. Just download and install.
  • No monthly subscription to be paid.
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