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AtomTrack Control Panel

Can I self host this tracking software?

Yes. You can download and self host it.

Is it possible to split test using AtomTrack pro tracking control panel? Do I have to use the standalone URL rotater?

Yes, you can split test offers, campaigns or any URLs using the tracking control panel. You don't need to use the standalone URL rotater in that case. Standalone URL rotater, as the name suggests is useful if don't want to use the tracking control panel.

My traffic source allows me to track conversions by placing their conversion code. Why shouldn't I use that?

If you place their conversion pixel then they will have complete information about your campaign. They already know about your landing page URL, offers, keywords and now if you place their conversion pixel, then they will know what keyword resulted in how many conversions. Moreover most of their tracking isn't extensive whereas AtomTrack provides extensive tracking and it is private as you don't have to specify your landing page or offer URLs.

What about the keyword data?

Keyword data is stored on mysql server and merely keyword data can't reveal any important information about a campaign. For ex, a particular keyword could be profitable for a particular offer and not for another. So without knowing the type of offer, keywords don't reveal anything.  Though traffic source platforms have all this information but we don't. Moreover we don't ask you to share your landing page URL or offer URLs with us or anybody on forum.

What does the tracking code track?

Our tracking code is completely public i.e you can look at the code. The tracking code basically uses cookies to get information bout keyword, sid, time, ip and conversions. It doesn't have ability to get any other type of data, such as landing page URL or offer URL.

Can I target URLs in my CPV campaigns?

Yes. By keywords, we mean URLs and keywords or basically any information that it passed to ?kw=information. It can be a URL or keyword.

Tracking report is empty.

This is probably because you didn't place the tracking code as per the mentioned instructions. Please create the campaign again in your tracking control panel and add the code again.

More information here:-

SID Report is empty.

If you or your traffic source don't set ?sid= value either manually or dynamically, then you won't see the SID report. Please make sure that your destination URL specified in your traffic source control panel has ?sid parameter set.

I don't see profit/loss report.

You'll have to specify cost per visit in case of CPC and cost per view in case of CPV traffic.

Why my conversions aren't showing up?

This could be because either you have not placed the conversion code properly or your affiliate manager hasn't placed the conversion pixel yet.

I am not using an affiliate network and I want to place the conversion code on my own website or thank-you page. Is that possible?

Yes, it is possible but with little modification. Since the conversion pixel/code that the control panel gives you is for affiliate networks which reads and append the subid variable to our conversion pixel. But in case, you want to track conversions or leads on your own website, you'll have to follow these steps:

1) Go to my campaigns and select the campaign in question and edit the offer page urls and append &subid= at the end of each of your offer page url and then save the campaign.
2) Add these lines inside <head></head> section of your thank-you page/s

<script type="text/javascript">
var subid = getValue("subid");

function getValue(varname)
var url = window.location.href;
var qparts = url.split("?");
if (qparts.length <= 1)
return "";
var query = qparts[1];
var vars = query.split("&");
var value = "";
for (i=0;i<vars.length;i++)
var parts = vars[i].split("=");
if (parts[0] == varname)
{ value = parts[1];
value = unescape(value);
value.replace(/\+/g," ");
return value;

3) And then use the below given conversion code instead of the one that control panel tells you to use. </body> tag. Also make sure that you update  - PathToAtomTrackInstallation in the below given code to the exact location where you have uploaded the AtomTrack Pro tracking control panel.

<script type="text/javascript">
<!-- hide
var imgPixel="<img src='http://PathToAtomTrackInstallation/cpixel.php?aff=1&subid="+subid+"' width='1' height='1' />";
// end hide -->

This would help in tracking conversions/leads on your own website.

4) Follow this step only if step 3 doesn't work. Sometimes cookies set by JavaScript can't be read by PHP so if it doesn't track conversion, then follow below mentioned step instead of #3. Also make sure that you update  - PathToAtomTrackInstallation in the below given code to the exact location where you have uploaded the AtomTrack Pro tracking control panel.

<script type="text/javascript">
<!-- hide
function readCookie(name) {
	var nameEQ = name + "=";
	var ca = document.cookie.split(';');
	for(var i=0;i < ca.length;i++) {
		var c = ca[i];
		while (c.charAt(0)==' ') c = c.substring(1,c.length);
		if (c.indexOf(nameEQ) == 0) return c.substring(nameEQ.length,c.length);
	return null;
var imgPixel="<img src='"+readCookie('trand')+subid+"' width='1' height='1' />";

// end hide -->

How to download positive and/or negative keywords for my campaign?

First select your campaign, date range for which you wish to download the positive/negative keywords, cost per visit and payout and click submit. Then click on the donwload links under keyword heading. reports will be downloaded in excel format with profit or loss for each keyword depending upon type of report.

I want to view full report for all my campaigns at one place.

Hover your mouse over Home menu and then click on aggregated campaign report. It shows combined report with total visits for all active campaigns for selected date range.

More informaton here:-

I am doing banner advertisements. Can I use AtomTrack to track my banner campaigns?

Yes. Please make sure that your banner link has kw and sid in it. For ex, if you've a banner on some inner page of xyz website, then you could set kw to xyz and sid to inner page name. This way you would be able to see how many visits came from xyz for the placement at inner page. Your banner link would look something like this -

What about article marketing? Can I track my article marketing campaigns too?

Yes. Please refer to the above answer and make sure that the link, your article has to your website contains kw and sid as mentioned above.

URL Scraper isn't scraping any URLs

Please make sure that the links you have entered in URL scraper are working links. You can test them my pasting them in a browser window address bar. For more information click here:-

I want to give it a try

Check out the demo at -

Where can I find more information about it?

Please refer to our wiki:-

Standalone URL Rotator

I am unable to install the URL rotator

You would need to create a database. Also please make sure that you specify correct values in config.php. If you're not sure how create a database or what is to be specified for server, database, username or password, you can contact your hosting service provider about it.

How to install the URL Rotator?

Please refer here:-

I want to test different offer pages with a single landing page.

Yes, you can do so by using the using the URL rotator. Make sure that you select offer page option when you're creating a rotation profile. This makes multiple path split testing possible. The rotator would automatically rotate offer pages for a given landing page.

What if I have a single landing page which directly links to my affiliate link and I want to split test different affiliate links with the same landing page? And what if I also wish to track conversions using AtomTrack pro tracking platform.

Please start by opting for offer page rotation profile and enter all your affiliate links in the respective text fields and assign share%. In case you also wish to track conversions using AtomTrack pro tracking platform then make sure that you append ATOMTRACK:OfferName at the rite place in your affiliate links. The correct format for different affiliate networks is shown in the tracking back office under conversion code tab. Basically you would need to add ATOMTRACK:OfferName to the subid or sid parameter of your affiliate link. Since different affiliate networks have different ways of passing subid value so please ask your affiliate manager, in case you're not sure about it.

Please refer to this screencast -

Where can I find more information about this URL Rotator?

Please refer to:-

How do I create a new rotation profile?

Please refer to:-

Where can I get technical help ?

If you need any further support, please visit:-

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