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Keyword tracking shows tracking report for keywords. In case of PPV/CPV, keywords can be URL too if you use URL targeting. By default no campaign is selected when you visit the keyword tracking page so select a campaign from the dropdown and a date range. If you don't choose the date range, report would be shown for the current date. You can also enter cost per click, if you are running cpc traffic source campaign or cost per view, in case you're using ppv [pay per view] traffic source for this campaign. Also specify the average payout for the offer.

If cost and payout is specified, the tracking report would consist of profit/loss for each keyword. The tracking report would consist of total visits, visit for each keyword for different pages, total conversions and conversion for each keyword. It also shows the exit page count for every keyword, if exit page is used. The blue color rows represents the negative keyword whereas green rows represents positive keywords. Excel report for positive and negative keywords with profit/loss can be downloaded.

The keyword tracking report also consists two pie charts. The left one is for detecting fraud traffic or clicks. It shows top 5 IPs from which you're getting the traffic. Most of the time it would show 5 IPs whch are not related to fraud in any way but in case of fraud you'll see alot of traffic from a particular IP. For ex, may be 100 clicks from ppc or 1000 views, in case of ppv from a same IP would prove that it is a bot traffic.

The other pie chart shows the conversion statistics for each offer, if conversion code was properly placed.

There's a link to SID tracking for each keyword. You can view what SIDs falls under a particular keyword at what time and vice versa. You can also choose to view the entire SID report by clicking at the top menu 'SID Tracking' link.

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