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There are various types of marketing models that one can use to promote their website or affiliate offers. Each one of them have their usefulness in different aspects. Most of the affiliate networks have laid guidelines for what type of traffic they accept for different offers. For some offer, they just accept PPC or banner ads whereas for others they accept contextual traffic too. But without a proper tracking software, affiliate marketing can't yield profitable results. There are various strategies, one might have to use, like split testing various landing pages or offer pages, checking what hours of a day are profitable, finding and eliminating negative SIDs, managing bids for positive and negative keywords, finding good keywords/URLs for their campaigns.



Pay per view(PPV) is referred to a type of online marketing model where you've to pay for every view. Sometimes it is also referred as contextual traffic. It is different then PPC(Pay per click), where a person pays for every click on the ad. Whereas in case of PPV or CPV (Cost per view), a person pays when a popup or interstitial ad is shown to the website visitor. Generally, PPV is cheaper than PPC but the payoff is quality. The quality of traffic is not as good as that one can get with PPC. The reason behind this is simple. Most people just don't like a ad popping up while they are browsing the web. Most PPV networks provide various targeting options such as keyword targeting, URL targeting, RON(Run on network). Most networks differs in features they provide. For ex, Popup size, minimum bid and targeting options are different. Major PPV networks includes - Trafficvance, DirectCPV, Mediatraffic, LeadImpact, Adon network, Clicksor. Some of them even offer international traffic.


In case of PPC, only interested people will click on the ad. so your ad gets targeted better. But from the perspective of affiliate marketing, PPV can do what PPC can't. Affiliates can promote their offers for a cheaper expense and so overall return on investment can be high. Among PPC providers, Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter are the two largest network operators, and they operate under a bid-based model where affiliate pays for a click or per thousand impressions. Cost per click (CPC) varies depending on the search engine and the level of competition for a particular keyword or placement.

Banner marketing also comes under PPC model where an affiliate pays when someone clicks on the banner or pays for per thousand impressions(PPM).

Email Marketing

Another popular way of advertising is email marketing, in which an affiliate maintains an email list of interested people and send them emails with links to the offers from time to time. Due to increase in spam, most of the email providers have taken major steps to handle spam emails. So it is advisable to use some good online email marketing service such as aweber, getresponse and infusionsoft. They all take adequate measures to make sure that no spamming is done through them.

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