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Successful marketing is not determined by the number of marketing campaign and techniques you use and incorporate into your business. You may implement all forms of marketing campaigns in your business and still fail to make it in the online marketing world. More so, when you don’t even know which campaign works best for what, where and when? It sounds difficult and a lot of work, but there are systems that have been put in place, when implemented will save you time, money and losses.
Every marketer needs to know if that CPA campaign is bringing in any conversions. If so, how many conversions is it bringing in, at what cost and the time factor involved? Time factor comes into play, when you take into consideration that each ad campaign has its peak s and lows at particular time intervals. Graphical tracking and Hourly tracking are plays prominent role in success of any online marketing campaign. This factor alone informs you on when to stop the ad from running and when to resume in an effort to maximize profit and reduce the costs. This is all made possible by using a system that is called the AtomTrack. It has a number of tools that helps all this information comes to light.
How are you going to know which one is making you money and which ad is no when you don’t keep track of all your ads. It is simple too, because AtomTrack only requires the tracking code on all your ad campaigns including your CPA and it will do the rest for you. The information is put together in an easy to read graph. You can see results of a PPV over a 24 hour period and compare it against an email campaign. There is a cost in running these ads, and therefore a loss when you run them and they do not seem to be bringing in satisfactory or at least your minimum conversions per ad in order to break even. So a control pane like this one will help you regulate your profits and losses.
Furthermore, it will be interesting to note the source for the majority of your conversions. This is when Keyword tracking and SID tracking comes into play and reveals these statistics for you. It is another tool that comes with AtomTrack system. As long as your tracking code is on all your ads, trial and error is made possible when deciding which marketing campaign to use on a specific product, in a specified time frame. You can also use the charts generated when using AtomTrack in forecasting sales, profit, losses and hence aid in the decision making process.
It also forces internet marketers to plan and make provision for any change in consumer patterns. Each product or service offering of an organisation is then marketed to its fullest potential. The beauty of this tracking platform is that, you can use a number of ad campaigns on one product and be able to assess which one churns out better and faster conversions.
You can gain access to all these tools and more, with no extra charge to your advertising budget. It subsequently reduces marketing costs by eliminating unnecessary campaigns. For example a CPA may bring in less conversion as compared to a PPC ad for a particular product offering.

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