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The control panel for SID tracking is similar to that of keyword tracking. SID tracking is specifically designed to identify good and bad traffic sources. It is integrated in such a way that you can find profitable SIDs for a particular keyword and for a given date range. It also shows the keywords that falls under any particular SID. Various PPC networks pass the SID variable to destination URL which helps in pin poiting the traffic source. For ex, a particular keyword might do very well with a traffic source sid 1234 but not with another sid 5678. So you would want to pause 5678 but without proper SID tracking, this isn't possible. But now you can easily find the positive and negative traffic source SIDs. PPV networks such as directcpv pass the SID to destination URL. For other networks such as trafficvance or leadimpact, you could set the SID value to the category you're targeting. Even for PPC or banner traffic, you could try traffic from different categories and then see which category performs better than other. In that case you would have to specify the category name for the SID variable in your destination URL.

For ex, ?kw={KeyWord}&sid=entertainment or ?kw={KeyWord}&sid=news etc ... 

Then you can view SID report and see if entertainment or news performs better.


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